Revs Roundup: Blue Line to the Game Edition

The biggest news connected to the Revs Youth Academy this week concerns some of its players moving on to the college ranks and whispers of a Revolution stadium in Revere.

Given the wildly successful attendance numbers of MLS’ newest expansion clubs and the fact that they’re all located in or close to urban areas, it’s safe to say this is a platform other teams should try to follow.

Could this be the Revs atmosphere with a new stadium? Sans dogs of course.

Enjoy the news!

Youth players make college commitments – Ten Revs academy products will ply their trade in colleges throughout the eastern U.S.

Revs stadium in Revere? – Extremely tentative talks of a possible New England Revolution stadium to be built on the grounds of Wonderland Greyhound Park, a short walk from the blue line. Don’t get too excited, but…. well maybe get excited. This would be fantastic.

Is this a brave new dawn for MLS? – an article from The Guardian about the league’s homegrown initiatives.

Chris Klein Q&A – Interview with former MLSer and now Senior Director of the LA Galaxy Academy Program. Interesting stuff.

Akale joins US U17 National team – A look at Mukwelle Akale, a 14-year-old Minnesotan who will join Revs player Guyllain Kabala and 29 of the nations top players for the U-17 national team in Bradenton, Florida.

Will whitecaps steal academy thunder? – The development academy’s newest member, the Vancouver Whitecaps, are already making noise.

In other news,

Union fans are not happy they lost Le Toux – So unhappy, in fact, they tweeted coach Peter Nowak their rather honest opinions of him post-trade.

Finally, this is how not to take a penalty. Kids, take note.


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