USSF Development Academy Map

Where does elite youth soccer in the U.S. stand at the moment? Where are some of the hubs of youth development? Well, as a way to partly answer those questions, I’ve put together this interactive map of all 78 Development Academy clubs. Go ahead, zoom in, zoom out. Click on the pins and find out more about some of these clubs.


  • Western Conference:
    • Northwest Division: Green pins
    • SoCal Division: Yellow pins
  • Central Conference:
    • Frontier Division: Purple pins
    • Great Lakes Division: Pink pinks
    • Texas Division: Red pushpins
  • South Conference:
    • Southeast Division: Green pushpins
    • Atlantic Division: Yellow pushpins
  • East Conference:
    • Mid-Atlantic Division: Sky Blue pins
    • Liberty Division: Red pins
    • Northeast Division: Blue pins
Teams affiliated with MLS or other professional American soccer clubs contain a black dot in their pin.

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